Company Overview

Mackay Equipment Sales Ltd. was founded in September of 1979 and began operations from our farm location near Aberdeen, Saskatchewan.

The Mackay family was involved in the purebred production of Clydesdale horses, Yorkshire and Lacombe swine, always working to not only improve the genetic base, but to provide a better environment to allow for optimum growth potential.

When Mackay Equipment was started, the sales were primarily in manure tanks and pumps, pig handling equipment, and heat recovery research. Of particular importance was the creation of 'plastic pig penning' which found market opportunities in Western Canada, Britain and Denmark.

In addition, Mackay's work with the University of Saskatchewan in heat recovery research created an awareness of the effects of ventilation rates and controlled systems. Much of this work was completed on the Mackay pig farm at Aberdeen, thus the effects could be monitored first hand. From there the technology could be transferred to others in the pig production business.

Research work with the University of Saskatchewan also included field trials with liquid hog manure. The first soil injection systems were put on trial at the Mackay Aberdeen location, noting comparisons with various concentrations per acre both in top spread applications and injected applications.

Thus the foundation for Mackay Equipment had been set, from curiosity to research, to product enhancement, to transferring technology and ideas to others in the production business. The commitment to productivity and profit gain by the use of better technology has been maintained through the goals and intentions of Mackay Equipment Sales Ltd.