The Mackay Advantage

At Mackay Equipment Sales Ltd. we listen to producer concerns, share perspectives on various production and product marketing issues, and advance new concepts to enable producers in our Prairie Region to get or maintain an advanced edge over others in the production sector. It is our role in preserving a viable production sector from which to grow a better business for Prairie producers.

We invest in what we do and continue to improve our products and systems to give producers the best possible systems.

  • We have trained personnel and ongoing technical training for all our people
  • We work to continually improve and upgrade all systems and products
  • We are committed to being aware of industry developments
  • We maintain an international network of suppliers and knowledge providers
  • We are dedicated to service and service assistance
  • We are committed to continual research and development

ALTIC is the Aberdeen Livestock Technology and Improvement Corporation. The research undertaken by ALTIC deals with hogs but applies in many instances to poultry and dairy.