Our People

Meet the Mackay Clan. These are the people that make us who we are. Our people have worldwide expertise, diverse backgrounds and expert knowledge.

Eldon Mackay, Owner and President
Eldon founded Mackay Equipment Sales Ltd. in 1979. Ventilation and heating systems for an improved production environment has always been the interest and goal for the Company. Eldon leads the team in hog, poultry and dairy system quotations, design and troubleshooting. In 1969 Eldon initiated a livestock environment research liaison program in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan. Eldon enjoys community involvement through his role as Mayor of his community and is actively involved on water supply and waste water utilities in the Blackstrap region. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Saskatoon chapter of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise.

Main Office: 306-665-7711
Toll Free: 1-866-362-2529
E-mail: em@mackayequipment.com

Grant Mackay, Sales and Service Technician
Grant specializes in servicing SKOV systems and controls. He is often on service calls assisting our customers on repairing and troubleshooting control systems and diagnosing production issues. Grant has received technical training with SKOV A/S in Denmark, as well as an active participant in system evaluation at the Aberdeen Livestock Technology farm. He has training in system design, in-depth control operation and functionality, high-pressure cooling systems and new product development. If a customer has questions about SKOV products or controls or competitive products, Grant is the person to speak with at Mackay Equipment.

Main Office: 306-665-7711

Toll Free: 1-866-362-2529
E-mail: gm@mackayequipment.com

Randy Hryciuk, Welder/Warehouse

Randy is Mackay's welder extraordinaire. He maintains our high quality standards in equipment manufacturing. Randy has been involved in agricultural production and fabrication for almost 20 years and continues to manage his egg farm operation.

Main Office: 306-665-7711


Marian Litke, Inside Sales and Reception
Marian is responsible for inside sales, customer service, and reception. Marian also assists in shipping, receiving, and account inquiries.

Main Office: 306-665-7711
E-mail: ml@mackayequipment.com


Daniel Toth, Technician - Lethbridge, AB

Daniel is the Technician for the Lethbridge area.

Main Office: 403-381-7720

E-mail: dt@mackayequipment.com

Jennifer Neuberger, Inside Sales and Reception - Lethbridge, AB 
Jennifer is responsible for inside sales, customer service, and reception at the Lethbridge location

Main Office: 403-381-7720
E-mail: mackayes@telus.net