Poultry Solutions

Make your poultry productive with our complete line of environment systems designed to meet the needs of poultry producers. Mackay makes systems productive and profitable.

Ventilation Systems

A Mackay poultry ventilation system helps give you total climate control. Healthy animals living in the right climate have a high productive capacity. The key is to create well-being in the animal's environment.

Health and productivity are important in poultry production. Our systems are developed with the extensive knowledge we have about animal breeding and climate control. The optimum environment depends mainly on temperature, air quality, air velocity and uniformity. Mackay poultry ventilation systems are designed using high quality SKOV components.

All SKOV products are sturdy and specially designed for tough environments. All products have been developed to achieve the highest possible safety level and the longest possible product lifetime.

Heating Systems

Controlling the environment in which you raise your poultry is a key factor for productivity. You also need flexibility in your heating system, and it's got to make economic sense.

Mackay Equipment offers a wide range of solutions. Hot water heating using boilers and finned tubing radiates heat through air inlets and helps control the air flow. We install diagnostic controls to monitor all primary heater functions for dependable, worry-free operation. We use high quality components to provide years of service, even in corrosive environments.

Our heating systems can meet different needs, from small heat outputs to large, plus variable outputs for greater heating efficiency. All systems are available for use with propane or natural gas. Their compact profiles and indoor or outdoor mounting capability allow for easy installation and efficient use of space.

All models are A.G.A and C.G.A. certified, our systems meet or exceed the highest safety and quality standards.

Feeding Systems

A properly designed feeding system provides your poultry with ideal conditions for quick and uniform growth. Mackay systems are easy to maintain and control. You can adjust feed levels precisely and have a wide range of adjustment to meet any feeding need.

We use high quality Roxell feeding system components which are integrated into the complete environment. This also ensures reliability and excellent safety standards. Our systems reduce injury to the birds and overall animal stress

Drinking Systems

Our drinking systems are designed to keep your poultry productive. Your birds should always have enough water. A Mackay system keeps water pressure constant and provides excellent hygienic conditions. All components of your system are easily and quickly maintained and controlled.

Our high quality supplier, Roxell, provides Mackay Equipment with a wide range of products to meet your drinking system needs. We can custom design a system for any type of poultry and size of operation. We'll match capacity with the number of birds and make sure animal growth and system efficiency are both optimized.

The drinking systems used by Mackay can handle irrigation, sanitation applications, water conditioning, animal health, and water additives. You can accurately pump fertilizers, disinfectants, chlorine, acids, soaps, pharmaceuticals, and more into water. We give you the best value for your money.

The Chemilizer medicator line has been specifically designed for the modern animal health market. Built with the newest high tech composite fibers it is compatible with liquid medications, vitamins, chlorine and sanitizers.