Pork Solutions

Keep your pigs healthy with our complete line of environment systems designed to meet the needs of hog producers.

Ventilation Systems

Good air quality reduces disease and stress factors for your hogs. A Mackay ventilation system is designed to give optimum air direction under all conditions. Correct placement of fresh air inlets in proportion to animals and outlets will give very precise control of the environment at floor level.

During cold weather operation when low air volumes are required, our DA 1540 fresh air inlet opening directs the air along the ceiling. The system allows the 'coanda' effect to adhere the air jet to the ceiling, while allowing gradual mixing with the warm air.

A recent imporvement to the DA1500 ceiling inlet is in warm weather operation the flap pivots fully open, allowing air to move across the animals creating a cooling effect. Qualified advice on your ventilation system design is all a part of Mackay Ventilation Systems service. SKOV High Pressure Cooling is a great asset to our customers.

Heating Systems

Controlling the environment in which you raise your hogs is a key factor for growth. You also need flexibility in your heating system, and it's got to make economic sense.

Mackay Equipment offers a wide range of solutions. Hot water heating using boilers and finned tubing radiates heat through air inlets and helps control the air flow. We install diagnostic controls to monitor all primary heater functions for dependable, worry-free operation. We use high quality components to provide years of service, even in corrosive environments.

Our heating systems can meet different needs, from small heat outputs to large, plus variable outputs for greater heating efficiency. All systems are available for use with propane or natural gas. Their compact profiles and indoor or outdoor mounting capability allow for easy installation and efficient use of space.

All models are A.G.A and C.G.A. certified, our systems meet or exceed the highest safety and quality standards.

Feeding Systems

Mackay uses high quality Roxell feeding system components which are integrated into the complete environment. Feeding your hogs should be a stress free activity, both for you and your animals. A properly configured feeding system offers safety, efficiency and peace of mind. And that increases production.

Our feeding systems offer quick and excellent control of your animals and your feed supply. The feed is delivered undamaged to the animal. The world-famous Roxell auger, made of special steel, carries a 10 year warranty. The tubes and elbows are made of NOVICOR(TM), a very wear-resistant synthetic material.

Drinking Systems

Our drinking systems are designed to keep your hogs healthy. The better your hogs are doing, the higher your return on investment. Mackay Equipment provides easy to maintain systems with accurate and reliable flow rates.

The drinking systems used by Mackay can handle irrigation, sanitation applications, water conditioning, animal health, and water additives. You can accurately pump fertilizers, disinfectants, chlorine, acids, soaps, pharmaceuticals, and more into water. We give you the best value for your money.

The Chemilizer medicator line has been specifically designed for the modern animal health market. Built with the newest high tech composite fibers it is compatible with liquid medications, vitamins, chlorine and sanitizers.