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Cattle calving facilities are a challenge as values and animal wellbeing is critical to producers.

Ventilation rate and humidity control are basic to the success of maintaining a good to very good calving / rearing environment. Airflow speed, air direction and heat are regulated to meet the demanding needs of a cold weather calving season.

Our DA1540 air inlets with winch control and manometer can maintain air direction for incoming cold air while opening as temperatures rise to assist in air mixing and positive effect for animals at floor level.

Our exhaust units, whether vertical or wall units are variable speed controlled to meet ventilation requirements. Control of systems can be achieved with technically advanced control systems connected for monitoring to the internet or simple, more manual systems.

Tunnel ventilation systems are a positive means by which summer production reduction can be reduced or avoided by keeping cattle more comfortable and experienced cooling effect. In these systems both air intake and exhaust are critical in design, resulting in superior performance.

Qualified, experienced design and service advice is a main feature of Mackay Equipment Sales.