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Mackay Equipment Sales is a supplier of ventilation, heating, feeding and management systems to hog production facilities.


Good air quality and control of draught reduces disease and stress for your hogs and production management personnel. Optimum air direction and airspeed is achieved through precise fresh air inlets in proportion to animal numbers. Exhaust rate requirements through vertical and wall units are designed to provide optimum, economical maximum rates while incorporating either correct high pressure cooling designs or pad cooling in warmer climate demands via Combi-Tunnel systems.

In cold weather, minimum ventilation rates can be ‘dialed in’ through precise air inlet control. This is achieved by using our ‘Advanced Inlet Control’ system. Incorporation of finned, hot water heating pipe systems is the preferred method for heat distribution to animals while providing a heat source to reduce the impact of icing on air inlets. Alternative heating sources can be utilized in conjunction with circulation systems. The DA1540 ceiling air inlet system is often used for its ability to adjust to minimum air inlet requirements, while also controlled to allow air direction into animal areas for summer ventilation needs.

DA1211 wall inlets are the most common in facilities for the favored solution to ventilation of animals Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The control ability with ‘Advanced Inlet Control , the addition of high pressure cooling systems for summer, and the placement of finned, hot water heating for winter allow this product to provide a simple , effective solution.

Exhaust systems whether vertical or wall units are used to provide optimum, economic ventilation requirements.

Precise and precision control of environmental conditions are a main feature of SKOV systems provided by Mackay Equipment Sales. When this system is combined with FarmOnline, service and monitoring are only minutes away.

Qualified, experienced personnel provide solutions to meet every need.



Mackay Equipment Sales provides:

Boiler Systems – designed complete with low loss header within manifolds

Finned Hot Water Heating pipe – specific to zone needs with circulation pumps

L B White Heaters – in various sizes to meet the requirements – variable outputs

Circulation fans to optimize temperature and heat source performance.

Mackay Equipment Sales design systems with qualified, experienced personnel.


Mackay Equipment Sales provide:

ROXELL Systems – integrated to required production phase

Bins to delivery systems to feeders

GSI – AP Systems – integrated to required production phase

Bins to delivery systems to feeders


The drinking systems supplied by Mackay Equipment Sales can handle various water devices used by animals, sanitation, water conditioning, animal health, and water additives.

Stainless steel water nipples, Galvanized mounting brackets and hanging water pipes, etc.

Water medication/ line cleaning injectors.