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Mackay Equipment Sales is a supplier of ventilation, heating, feeding and management systems to lambing facilities.

Lambing season and rearing facilities require reasonable environment control to assure good health and wellbeing of new born lambs.

Ewes and new born lambs require an area which is cool, dry and free from drafts.  Lambing in January and February is most profitable as the market lambs will arrive earliest in the season.  Thus, heated or partially heated facilities are an asset to the livelihood of new born lambs.  As lambs require access to creep feed and good quality, fresh water soon after birth, the creep area should be a comfortable place for the lambs ( warm, draft free and well lit) not accessible to the ewes.


Ventilation & Heating System Design

Mackay Equipment Sales design ventilation and heating systems that provide an optimal environment for these facilities in Western Canada. Systems that include temperature and humidity control while keeping an environment fresh and draft free are critical to the designs.

Qualified, experienced design and professional service advice are featured with Mackay Equipment Sales.