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    Mackay Equipment Services & Equipment for Livestock Producers

    Complete livestock system service, supply and maintenance in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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    Clamp for pull rod
    DA74 Motor
    DA74 Motor Only
    DA74 gear motor complete
    DA74C Gear Motor Complete
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    We carry products from top brands you recognize, including L.B. White, Cumberland, dol sensors, Skiold and more. Check our specials page!

    March 14, 2023
    High Pressure Misting: Find your way through the fog!
    High pressure misting can be a great way to keep your livestock cool and productive through the hottest times of the year. Cooling is achieved by injecting a fine mist of cool water into an incoming air jet. As that air jet absorbs the water the air temperature is then cooled. How ever it is not as simple as it might appear. The notion of
    March 13, 2023
    Mackay Equipment: Our New Website with Online Catalogue
    We're excited to have a new website to help our clients find the best service, support and parts availability for their livestock operation, hog and chicken facilities, and lamb production facility. With new bios of our staff, an easy to use product catalogue and frequently updated specials section, we encourage everyone to take a look! Learn